2006 July: London, United Kingdom - a study trip (ETD)

It's a last minute trip - ok... taking into account the uncertainities until the week before setting off... yes, another working trip... when the stress built up as the day of departure came nearer and nearer... It's a good one - for professional work - learning much of the British system and sometimes just wonder... what happens if Singapore adopts a similar system? The culture difference, etc... what difference or impact will it make? On the other hand, it's one of the worst planned trip... forgive me, Shoo Soon... for this comment... I think we agree if there's time for us to plan the logistics well before setting off... that's going to make some difference... anyway, have learnt a lot from you, too... Thanks! This trip was also 'cursed' with lots of walking and walking... anyway, I enjoyed the times in London :D

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