2019 June 8-20: Summer @ Iceland | 夏。冰岛

Most people associate Iceland with the northern lights. 2 years ago, it was a very popular destination for the December holiday (in particular, with the colleagues). Nevertheless, many also returned disappointed - no sighting of the northern lights despite having to endure the bitter cold at night. In addition, given its unique location on the earth, travelling in winter is limited by the weather conditions. As such, it was never in my mind to catch the northern lights in Iceland. Instead, I look forward to the midnight sun. I also look forward to leverage the long day light to see the beauty of the island that is probably not possible (to do as much) in winter.

2018, June 2-14: Summer Vancouver, Canada by Rail

The planning of this trip started since June 2017, after returning from the self-planned solo Amsterdam trip. The notion of train ride has been there all this while - which I think, would offer a totally different experience. Looked up for various popular train rides in Australia and Canada, that possibly landed up with overnight rides. In addition, June would be a good time to go places that are less accessible in December. Heard of the amazing scenery of the Canadian Rockies. Heard about memorable rides, too. (Oh yes, I remember what Peter told me when we were colleagues back in NAS, before his retirement.) While I was examining the various packages offered by the Rocky Mountaineer, a tinkle came... and a chat started with a service personnel! That's the wonders of technology and it has helped me to make a choice, too!

Brought mum along for this trip. Well, possibly one of the furthest trip she made so far, and probably the last one that had an in-flight time of close to 18 hours, if we had not transit in Hong Kong (close to 4 hours + close to 14 hours + a couple of hours during the overlay).

It's a luxury train journey, as reported in the reviews. Yes, enjoyed thoroughly the service provided onboard the train, those 4 days. In fact, we looked forward to part 2 of the train journey after a day of break with the motor coach. On thing that I looked forward to in the train ride was the meals. Haha... balanced and pretty tasty (oh yes, and presentable, too!). Most of the time, we heard songs of the 50s to 70s at the background... those that I learnt in primary school and songs by the Beatles, Abba, The Carpenters, etc. So soothing!

Just wondering if it's because I'm closer to 50 now; I found quite comfortable to travel with the many elderly onboard - er... ok, majority are retired and some are probably in their 80s! Maybe it's a different culture - they are so independent and "well-behaved"! I'm impressed by the culture of these travellers! They were friendly, too... probably saw me travelling with mum!
Not only that we met up with cousin May+Ricky (& family) in Vancouver, at the stopover in Hong Kong (on the return league), glad to have time to catch up with Auntie and cousins Simon & Annie+Ricky!  Of course, with them around, we enjoyed 'bonuses' - went to places that we would not have gone to! Cheers!

2017 Dec 14-17: Penang 20 years 槟城二十载

The significance of this trip - is to commemorate our 20th year of friendship that kickstarted when all four of us successfully enrolled into the programme under RECSAM for no less than 8 weeks. Yup, I was there for 10 weeks... to look back now, I was there to attend a simple web-design programming course - which I no longer could remember the programming language through I managed to create a simple programme to aid mathematics learning then.

What survived for more than the 10 weeks was the bonding and friendship among the few Singaporeans there (in the course)! There were actually 6 of us altogether, and we spent most of the weekend combing three places - Komtar, Sunshine & Penang Hill. Hahaha....

I would say, all four of us are of different characters - but we got along well as we embraced on each others' strengths, and it was the first time that I really living out there on my own. Thanks to all, I survived that 10 weeks, and looking back, I really enjoyed those times.

To materialise this trip was not easy - we spoke about it, but seriously only started looking at it together seriously these couple of days, in less than 1 week before we aimed to depart! That's stressful, actually. Nevertheless, thanks to technology, we managed to book the tickets and roughly planned out the route to travel. Though it's a short trip, but really there are lots of things to check 'cos we are going by an indirect route!


I just wonder how amazing technology is! Back then 20 years ago, if the internet technology was already so pervasive and came with all the information that I could find within a single day - I wonder how different will we be spending our time in Penang :P

2017 Nov 29 - Dec 3: Pearl of the Orient 东方之珠 @ 初冬

It is almost 8 years since I stepped foot into Hong Kong. The last visit was a by-the-way visit - a working trip dated back to 2010. 

This time, I'm there with mum, and it's 100% as a tourist! Hong Kong is not a 'new' place to me, but there's always close to me, probably because of the relatives staying there and more uniquely, the common language that we speak - Cantonese! Of course, it's also a mother-daughter bonding trip!

This time, there's more exploration to places that I had not explored much in the past. There's always something new to learn about this place each time I come :)

2017 June 05-14:Just Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹玩透透

Windmills. Tulips. Wooden shoes with pointed tips. Folk costume.... These are the symbols of Netherlands (or Holland) - an Europe country that I yet set foot on, though I've been to this part of the world for almost 1o times.

The beautiful images of the country was the backdrop of the Hongkong drama (僵). Of course, I'm not there to seek exciting encounters withe the vampires, but the beautiful landscape that also comes with the architecture (both old and new).

It is one of those rare solo trips that I embark on, with the last one dated back almost a decade ago. In other words, I've not been planning so intensively for a long long time. It's kind of tedious for a start as I'm new to the geographical location and its culture. The process of getting to know it as I tried to figure out the transportation and the accommodation generated much satisfaction, and making me look forward to the trip even more :)

I guess that's what's meant by having full ownership of what one is doing :)

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2017 March 14: Head north, Melaka! 北上马六甲

This is the first overseas retreat when the two departments came together (ICT and IT).
There were several objectives set out for this trip: Learning Journey (both technology and culture) and more importantly, bonding.

The highlight of the trip - It's the PEOPLE! Looking back, while the 2 departments would have lunch together once in a blue moon, nothing beats spending time to move around and learn from (and about) each other! Though we spent more than 75% of the time inside the car and the aging body aching for the whole of next day - I guess the company has made it worth the trip :)

Thanks for making the trip possible!

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2016 December 03-16: 冬游太阳国

Japan is one of my favourite destinations :) though in the recent years, my travel route has digressed else where.

This trip was 'confirmed' far ahead of time... with the air ticket confirmed more than 6 months head of the departure date. Thank to CN who had been the catalyst to materialising this 'unplanned' trip :)

This is my 5th visit to Japan. It is also one that I had the most number of days there; and making the most number of moves around the country on its public transport. Appreciate CN for initiating the trip and making the transport arrangements such as the Flight and JR Ticket, and being the accommodating room mate. Thanks to TS for her thoughtful and thorough planning and travelling tips that allowed me to venture into new places without the need to do much pre-trip planning. Grateful to JJ's patience and for being a very reliable human GPS (at times, even better than GoogleMap)! Of course, a big thank you to the great company of the Wong and Koh families, too :) 

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2016 June 10-18: 张家界 - 张开家门引进世界

Having taken a year's break from travelling, this is the first leisure trip made... and it's no other than China, one that I frequented for work in the recent years.

Zhangjiajie 张家界 was not in my list of places to go, say at list in the next decade. Nevertheless, no harm jumping on to it when the opportunity arises. Thanks to CN's recommendation.

Known for its magnificent scenery, Zhangjiajie 张家界 presented a totally different natural scenery - 果然是名不虚传!Its shanshui 山水 picturesque look is a huge contrast to what we see in Europe, Australia and America. No wonder it was the shooting location of Avatar, the movie.

Scenery was the only one thing that I knew before I went. What impressed me most, in fact, after the entire trip was the work by the Chinese, the ancient and modern Chinese! I truly understanding what it's meant by 让人感到震撼的感觉. I was also not aware of its deep-rooted history that dated back to the Three Warring States (三国). I was not aware what was meant by a 山寨 (fortified hill village). I did not expect to have close encounter with the natives of 苗族 and 土族!  苗族 - in fact, it's something that I thought I would hear and see in Chinese drama/ movie, in particular, 苗族 people are known for its 蛊术!

While my stomach reacted to the local food (which this time, I did not take a single picture of the dishes I ate), it's still a good eye-opener, and has made me understand and know China more... While there are still areas of improvements (in particular the local's hygiene habits), the Chinese government has done much to make a remarkable progress over these years.


2016 April 29-May 03: iSummit @ Beijing, China 四访北京|三访西山

This is the 3rd time that I visit Beijing in 3 consecutive years, including the solo-leisure trip I made just before the Olympics would be four. Maybe, a more appropriate description would be 三访西山 - which was something I did not anticipate, having the opportunity to re-visit the school three times within such short time-span.

It was an invitation to present a keynote address for its event, iSummit 2016, before educators from overseas and local institutions. While presenting the Digital Citizenship Programme to an international audience is not something new, the platform was unique -   to share our practices with the international audience, in particular, mainly to the Chinese! - to bring our ideas and practices to them. I would image the reach and influence if they were to adopt or adapt some of our practices.

One other breakthrough is the Cyber Wellness workshop presented in Mandarin, that lasted for about 1.5 hours. I survived! Nevertheless, thanks to OCY and Ms Pu who were helping to 'fill in the blanks' when I lost the Chinese translated words. Afterall, not that many words. A pat on my shoulder :)

Certainly, this is not possible without the good relationship we enjoy with Xishan School. Needless to say, I must also thank my old friend, OCY who was supporting and advising the organiser team behind the scene since Day 1.

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2015 October 18-21: Autumn Beijing, China

This was the only trip that I made out of Singapore in 2015 - an official trip - a networking as well as a friendship renewal trip. We also had the opportunity to visit a couple China organisations, in particular, related to technology, to learn about their business model.

Though the trip was short, but we managed to find time to visit the Fragrance Hill, to catch a quick glimpse of the changing colour of the autumn leaves :)
Also visited the Summer Palace for the 3rd time, and I doubled up as the guide this time.

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2014 December: From Today's Sri Lanka to Ceylon Times

Sri Lanka is a place that did not cross my mind when it comes to leisure travel. I would associate the country more to internal unrests or the tsunami.

Indeed, the December trip was unplanned for, as my original plan was to stay put in Singapore to do 'springcleaning' and housekeeping; as I was expecting a 'move' at the end of the year. However, my plan changed when I decided to stay put at where I am.

Thanks to good friend CN who pulled me along as she came to know about the trip from another good friend of her.

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2014 Nov 19-25: SAGE-iSummit @ Beijing

This invite arrived in March and it came as a surprise - to give a keynote at the SAGE-iSummit taking place in Beijing in November. Of course, it's no other than about ICT in teaching and learning. Indeed, it's my deepest appreciation to Principal Shu and OCY, for extending the invite to me. In fact, it's like, after almost 5 years (when Principal Shu first invited me to go to RDFZ XSS to exchange ideas with his teachers), at last, I'm there :) Indeed, I'm also very proud of my good friend's achievement -  Well done, buddy OCY!

The experience was good, though this was one of the most difficult trip - not because the topic was difficult (in fact, it was a breeze to prepare the materials), but was because I was on medication throughout the entire trip and working hard enough to ensure my voice 'returned' before the presentation.

Glad it's over.... and thankful for the experience :)

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2014 June: 3 Kingdoms of Northern Europe (DNS) - Denmark, Norway, Sweden!

We started to look at this part of the globe when "northern lights" become more frequently mentioned in our conversations as we explored what are some things and places that we must see, and before they start 'disappearing' from earth (because of global climate changes).

"DNS" - certainly, I'm not referring to any computer/ technology terms!
They are the 3 key places that make up the "Scandinavia" countries.

From the Wikipedia:
"Scandinavia[a] is a historical and cultural-linguistic region in Northern Europe characterized by a common ethno-cultural Germanic heritage and related languages, which includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden."

Yes! We are visiting the 3 kingdoms in Northern Europe!

Blog: http://lohky-scandinavia.blogspot.sg/

2014 January: Study Trip to Silicon Valley (San Francsico)

A pleasant surprise that came in early December, to have the opportunity to travel to the Silicon Valley with high level officers with the Ministry of Education.

Not only an eye-opener on how the policy-makers looked at things (of course, in particular at the education perspective), but also had the rare opportunity to meet and interact in person with academic/ technology "celebrities" that we often only see from the web or books.

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2013 December: Roar Roar South Africa

It's one of those trips that offers a very different experience.
No museums, I think. No World Heritage Sites, confirmed. No history, probably.
But guarantee, lots of contact with the nature!
To see the big five? or the Big five see us? Hm...


2013 June: d'estate Italia in Giugno

Italy is one of those countries that I longed to visit since young - thanks to the 'exposure' in lower secondary History (which I did up to Sec 2). The richness in art and culture are the main draw, of course, also its long history - the powerful Roman Empire that spanned south of the country! Like the rustic feel... it's like being immersed in ancient history when walking through the 'museum'! For sure, it's just an orientation trip! :)

2013 Jan: English Bilingual Education the Third (EBE) International Conference @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

This came in "out of the blues"... It's an unexpected invitation!
Yes, what's special was, it's an invitation to me :)
Of course, played dual role here, as myself (the invited presenter) as well as the representative from the school (because Principal was unable to turn up due to another trip).

First time visiting Chiang Mai. First time having such close interaction with the Thais, especially when I'm all by myself. What impressed me most was really the hospitality of the Thais :) Much for us to learn from them, I think.

This time, I didn't come up with a Travelogue because, there already exists a Presentation Blog and Google+ Community (and several photo albums) :)

2012 Oct: Google Teacher Academy @ New York! New York!

We are aware of its existence. We spoke about it.
However, it's something unplanned, something unexpected. 
It's a definite pleasant surprise! Yes, a surprise that I never thought it would happen so soon! It's going to be another milestone. Of course, I'm glad that this time, I'm not alone  in this journey :)

Blog: http://lohky-ny.blogspot.sg/

2012 June: Russia - Tip of the Iceberg

The Thought that comes true!

Key words that flashed across my mind whenever I hear this country: Vast. Sparse. Harsh. Cold. Beautiful. Traditional. Grand. Far. Architecture.

No second thoughts when Chai Noi called and asked if want to consider "Russia" as this June's destination. "An exotic place!" - this was what many described when heard that I'm making a trip there.

Despite of the busy schedule, I set aside a day just to set up this blog (that the frame was created more than 5 years ago). In fact, my excitement grew over those 4 hours when I started to put up the links of places that I'm setting my foot in, in about a month's time!

Blog: http://lohky-russia.blogspot.com/

2011 December:Classic Northwest Taiwan

It's my second time to set foot to Taiwan... expanding the coverage, from Taipei to Taichung. Well, the previous one was partially free-and-easy, whereas this time the itinerary and any tour arrangement would be fully taken care of, the best option when we have no time to look into planning at all.

This time, will be traveling with Chai Noi and Teck Siew & Waimong :)

Blog: http://lohky-taiwan2011.blogspot.com/

2011 June: Eastern Europe

It's the first one in our "standby", after Italy, which we almost got it! If not because of the 1-day difference, and also... the airline! Haha...The discussion started 2 weeks ago when Chai Noi called... this time, the main constraint comes from me (well, both of us face the same constraint every year), i.e. the "blackout" dates that we could travel. After 'minus-ing' all the meeting dates and holiday programme, mine was narrowed down to 9-19 June! The precious 11 days! I must said we were really really lucky to find a package that fits into this range of date!

Well, I think it's going to be an orientation tour - as it's going to cover several places - Germany (Berlin, Dresden), Czech (Prague, yes! It's going to be my 2nd visit in 2 years!), Poland (Krakow), Hungary (Budapest) and Austria (Vienna). It's going to be exciting, I think, at least need not to put on heavy clothings and we are going to enjoy more daylight, as compared to the previous trips to Europe, which most of them were winter trips.

9-18 June 2011: http://lohky-easterneurope.blogspot.com/

2010 December: Kyushu 九州行

It's the 4th trip to Japan, the third one within a year. Well, in fact, it's a coincidence! In fact, it's a 'new' part of Japan and I'm closer to 'covering' the entire country now... probably only left with the east coast as well as some other cities like Nagoya. On the other hand, I guess Kyoto would definitely be another place I'll revisit :)
Thanks to Chai Noi for her company this time :)

2010 September: 2010 上海世博行

It's one of the grandest event in the world - The World Expo! which is held once every 2-3 years. The previous one was held in Spain; and the next one is going to be held in South Korea!

Decided that it's a not-to-miss event... I guess the publicity helps :)
Went to Shanghai in July for a working trip... however, can feel the pride the Chinese have for this event that it aimed to make it a world history.

Mid-August, made the decision that I shall go... on my own... another exploration.

2010 July: Educational Exchange @ Suzhou and Hongkong

My reaction... when first informed of this trip... same as previous, was always (especially when it's an official one): "What's my role in this trip?".

Yes. I don't take for granted that it's an opportunity, so just 'go' - especially it's something that's paid for. Like what we learnt - every action comes with a reaction. Hence, there must be something to accomplish... and one important thing is, if I were to go, it means there must be something I could value-add - else, what for?
Of course, there's one item (apart from the official stuff) that would excite me - the visit to the Shanghai World Expo! Thanks to this secondary itinerary.

2010 June 12-18 Tohoku - 日本东北 六月之旅

The phone sounded at 10.05 pm (oh yes... one of the rare nights when I had not met zzzzz monster. Hahaha). "Hey, have you got any travel plans?"

Hahaha... the words sound familiar! No, no, no... "Want to go Japan? ..."
Yes, sure! My immediate answer! But wait!!!! It's Karen - er... backpack? Where do we put up? Hahah... Still remember the Darwin trip when I pulled my 'doggie' with me? Have learnt my lesson!

Now, it's a ritual to check for such clarity and also quite sure not going to put up in tents and spending nights in desert! Memorable experience - but just keep to one so that it's uniquely memorable :P

So, more info from Alice... Indeed, just went last December... ok... it doesn't matter - even though it could be the same place! Hahahah... sounded desperate? Remember: 4 times to London; 3 times to Paris... all within the same area... Hm... Tokyo, the 2nd time :)

Was told of one more 'mysterious' travelling companion... Guess who?! It's Linda! hahah... what a small small world and coincidence!


2010 March 26-28: Prague - Apple's Education Leadership Summit

It's a pleasant surprise... Getting the opportunity to attend the summit in Prague (last year, it was held in Hong Kong). Looked forward touchdown in this ancient city which is also a world heritage site. Interestingly, it's a place where forefront technology-enabled learning meets history.

2009 November 6-11: Osaka, Japan

Unexpectedly Osaka??? Actually planning of this trip was way back to the first quarter of the year, with Ying Leng! Haha... we even did our homework and meet up at the Hongkong Cafe at City Hall to discuss till quite late for a couple of times... But why only materialise now? Ok, busy schedule to blame? Think about it, not a good excuse. In fact, it's even busier now!!! but managed to squeeze out the time (ok, travel bug to blame!!!!! Hahaha....). Of course, we are wary of the earthquake-prone Japan... Anyway, it's all up to "whoever up there" to decide...

Anyway, am hopeful to visit a few of the well-known places, including the world heritage site! Of course, YL reminded me of the Universal Studio, too!

2009 September 18-22: Nanjing, China

It's interesting... never cross my mind that I'll go to Nanjing. Yes, why Nanjing? There are other parts of China that I would like to go, for example, Xi'an, Silk Road, and taking the train up to Highland Tibet!

Prior to doing homework, only know that it has a couple of places of interest, not that spectacular, I thought. However, as I carry out some homework (which I have to, since I'm going solo, and I better do), I realise that... ah! Not too bad a choice! It's where the 'heart' of the civilisation was! Where several dynasties had their capital here until the Ming Rulers decided to move the capital to Beijing! As I read on... it's such a culturally happening places, since long long ago where Li Bai, the Tang poet been here! Wow! Am a going to trace their footsteps? I wonder. Another exciting discovery - the grand Olympics Stadium! Wow! Let's see what I could get out of this trip...

2009 Jan 12-23: London - Study Trip

It's going to be my 4th trip to London! I like London though it's not a very exciting place (at least that's what I could draw from my previous trips). It's the overall mood and feel... It's nice to walk on the streets, along the English Thames... I just enjoy that... simply.... It's going to be very cold... and the days would even be shorter, compared to my 3rd trip. Going to see more of the moon than the sun...

2008 Dec 15-23: Raipur, India - (SIF) Fact-finding Mission

This is a new project that kicks off middle this year, with another NGO in India, APF. Missed the first one June. More updates along the way...

An Update (2008, Dec 01): Trip has been cancelled... because of the recent terrorist attack at Mumbi. See Special Report in ChannelNewsAsia website

2008 Sep 23-30: South Korea

A trip with mum... Hm.. for a moment, I wondered... was I joining a Senior Citizen group? Not really, after I saw the make-up of the group... It's a mixture - a young married couple, a few couples who were near retirement age, friends in pairs/4, etc.. Despite it's the first time going, did not read up much about the place... though brought one of the official Korea Travel guide that I collected at NATAS fair (about 2 years ago). Regret not doing the necessary homework... was pretty lost when only given limited information, especially during the "Free-and-Easy" periods (which were normally allocated for shopping). What a waste of time! If I had read up more about each places, would probably be venturing to those places while the rest shopped! Hm... lesson learnt: Never leave the programme totally in the hands of others...

2007 Dec 7-21: Switzerland + Paris + London

The original plan was Switzerland and Italy. In fact, Chai Noi and myself were very focused when we went to the NATAS fair this September, zoomed in straight to ITALY. Then after inputs from the agents, we decided to expand it to Switzerland... and it was quick, we decided within 2 hours inside the fair and still remember the remaining time, we were chatting outside the exhibition hall! So, exciting... However, because of our "unique" departure and arrival dates, we landed up with Paris and London (to 'substitute' Italy). What? Paris and London again and again? Some people might think I'm crazy... just went London last year... well, well,... that reminded me that I returned to Paris within 12 months after my first trip there... anyway, I don't mind... these 2 cities are lovely... and have good times there :D

2007 June 9-13: Bangalore, India - (SIF) Feasiblity Study

Came to know about this project since middle last year. There were ad-hoc discussions and inputs about the project towards end of last year. Several emails bounced around... Only about 3 weeks ago, after the first meeting, the project is more or less firmed up. Yes, this time, will set foot to Bangalore, the 'silicon valley' in India. However, not to be caught in surprise - a community project at the 'silicon valley'? What can we do there? er... or one will question - Aren't they good enough to support their own countryman? OK, these crossed my mind... well, let's see what it's all about...

2007 May 9-14: Beijing, China

Beijing, a place I longed to go, to see the history at present. I am always amazed by the wonders that man can do... building the great wall, the magnificent palace, the huge parks... and where the wise people and great writers once were... A land where the ruler claimed to be the son of heaven. Also, to materialise one of my new year resolution, to go for a break during term time, which I never had the chance in days when I'm attached to the school... and yes, this time, I went solo again!

2006 Nov-Dec: Hokkaido/Tokyo, Japan

It all started off with work! hahaha... with Chai Noi... It was decided in the morning that we'll go for a trip... next, in the afternoon we went to the NATAS fair... next moment, we zoomed into the tour agent counter and we booked the package... hahaha... a quick one... just because we both wanted to make sure we get out of Singapore for a year-end break.

2006 July: London, United Kingdom - a study trip (ETD)

It's a last minute trip - ok... taking into account the uncertainities until the week before setting off... yes, another working trip... when the stress built up as the day of departure came nearer and nearer... It's a good one - for professional work - learning much of the British system and sometimes just wonder... what happens if Singapore adopts a similar system? The culture difference, etc... what difference or impact will it make? On the other hand, it's one of the worst planned trip... forgive me, Shoo Soon... for this comment... I think we agree if there's time for us to plan the logistics well before setting off... that's going to make some difference... anyway, have learnt a lot from you, too... Thanks! This trip was also 'cursed' with lots of walking and walking... anyway, I enjoyed the times in London :D

2006 June: Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei was a last minute decision - for both Lee Cherh and me! Yes, imagine, from Chiangmai to Taipei... 'cos we have to ensure the days are well spent... Yes, lots and lots of walking... and everynight's NightMarket! Well, I start to like the mua-chee and hor-laut-mee-suan... they are nice :D

2005 Dec: Hongkong @ Disney

It's the first time to bring my parents out... yes, lots of preparation, in terms of mental and logistics... hahaha... I'm just exaggerating... I guess it's one of the best way to create family time when all enjoyed... yes, an eye-opener to dad, also to bring out the child in him... Thanks to bro who's there to support all the logistics...

2004 July-2005 June: Bhutan

Nothing beats this trip! My very very own adventure! It's a real test to my determination and will... it stretched me beyond - my mental and physical ability... Thanks for the opportunity, where I learnt to walk out of my comfort zone and know how to make a difference too... to everybody around me... and to appreciate what I have, who I'm with and what I am many more times now... and am very sure, have left some footprints and good memories in the journey of those I came in contact too... [Click @ hyperlink to see more...]

Indeed, I did a recee to Paro and Thimphu in March, in preparation of my temporary 'immigration'.

2003: Darwin, Australia

It's an interesting combination... I went with Karen... I guess it never cross our mind to be each other's travel companion! OK, both of us simply... die die must leave Singapore... hahaha... Thanks to her for seeing through all the arrangement! Yes, it's the first time people see me 'dragging' a 'dog' for a bagpack tour! Hahaha... The Ayers Rock... what a magnificent look during the sunrise! The Devils Marbles that defy the gravity! and we camped in the desert!!! What an experience!!! But we pampered ourselves with good nights at a good hotel :D Cheers!

2002: Bangkok

It's the first time travelling with Chai Noi... more like tagging along since wanted to leave the country quite deseparately... ok, it was a ritual to leave the country at least once, during the holiday... wah! it's so crowded, so dusty... still can remember clearly... in the afternoon when we were all in the air-conditioned car when all the windows were winded up... a tuk-tuk was right in front... and a huge bus was right in front of the tuk-tuk... out of the sudden, it released a cloud of exhaust gas!!! Oh no!!! The black soot blanketed the tuk-tuk and its passengers!!!

2001: Hongkong with E6 Cluster - study trip

The first time went with the cluster... yes, it's a working trip! and there's deliverable... Will not forget those daily debriefs that more than 20 people packed into a tiny hotel room...

2001: Paris, France

Yes, I came back, the 2nd time in less than 12 months. With Lee Choo this time, on our own... oh yes... Effiel Tower again! This time, we had the chance to go up... both of us were game to go... at night!!! It was so beautiful!!! It was so cold!!! It was so late at night (11pm)!!! We went Disneyland (again)... We went to Louvre Museum and spent one good day there... saw Mona Lisa... not so impressive though that's the most famous piece in museum... also the sculptures... yes, it's really impressive and I like it! Not forgetting those Disney characters that spoke french... hahaha... Hm... what else have Paris given me in those 5 days...

2000: London, United Kingdom - Paris, France

First time set foot in Europe, with Lee Cherh... we flew in to Paris first... yes, that's the first time we waited for more than an hour for the luggage to appear in the airport. How efficient it was!!! Was deeply attracted to the Effiel Tower... oh yes, also the Notre Dame Cathedral... still remember the guide said, if one touches the round disc in front of the church (which is supposed to be the central of Paris), one will sure return... Oh yes... I did, within the next one year :D The first time I travel by train is the Eurostar... yes, that's across the English channel... great and fun!!! Yes, London has beautiful weather... we went Cambridge, we cruised down to Greenwhich... we saw the changing of guards... we went shopping at Marks & Spencer! Yes, we regretted not bringing a bigger luggage bag... I'll keep in mind the next trip to London...

2000: Yunan, China

The first time set my feet to China... the most memorable moment - travelling by the Chinese Airline... it was like in a roller coaster when landing in Yunan Airport... hahaha...

1999: Perth, with NAS - study trip

It's the first on an official trip - going together with the troop (ok, the Chinese Orchestra) to Perth... led by Boh Koh, Ms Tan Hwee Pin, together with Li Lian... It was a night flight... and we arrived in unearthy morning hours... though tired, but have to put up an awaken look when received at the airport... It was relaxing, though... We also had a hard time looking for food... yes, we all ended up ordering the same dish in the restaurant!

1998: Spain-Portugal

Conquered 2 neighbouring countries with my long-time friend, Wei Ming... classmate at TJC. Was greatly attracted to the unique (or should I say, weird design) buildings? structures in Barcelona! I learn who's Gaudi... I was deeply attracted to the beautiful balconies at the residential areas... so country-like... The "Mango" fans and the Plala... yummy yummy... though the last day was spoilt by the Madrid pickpockets who took away Wei Ming's handbag with her passport... oh yes, I also had chickpox after this trip... what a misadventure!!

1998: Lake Kenya, Malaysia

It's the very first out-door trip where we stayed in the floating house, in the middle of the lake... it's fun, isn't it? With a big group of NIE friends... had a fun time... when crossing the rivers and rowing the boats... hahaha... oh yes, it's the first time I saw leeches... luck enough not bitten by one...

1997: Turkey

the first time crossing the globe with Gek Chew... when both of us nearly landed up in the waiting list on the return flight... Was attracted to the Mediterran culture... the dances in circles, the turkish delight, the famous apple tea... oh yes, the good-looking guide got us in the waiting list on the return flight... and the smoking seats that we covered our heads throughout the 14 hours journey!!!

1997: Gold Coast, Australia

I went with Chock Kwun here... where we had fun at the Movie World and Sea World... Yes, the Sunshine coast...

1996-1997: Penang, Malaysia

It was a 10-week stay in Penang when attending the RECSAM Course. There I met great buddies like Ying Leng, Gek Chew and Chay Eng... also acquaintances like Cheong Cheong and Hui... Remember the weekends that we went Compta and Sunshine... and loaded my haversack with oranges and apples? Oh yes, I we won't forget the weekends that make our way up Penang Hill... the morning, the afternoon and the evening ventures! Also the penang laksa store at the foot of ke-lo-si! The days that I needed to hunt down for one roll of white thread! That's unbelievable! hahaha... those were the days when I first spent my weekends out at night with these great peers!

PS: Ying Leng & me revisited Penang 2 years later...

1995: California, USA

It's another group travelling... a very rare one by then, as many already tied down with families... and was the last one probably... we flew from Singapore to Narita... oh yes, transit for 5 hours, what we did? Play UNO at the airport!!! hahaha... Late hours in Las Vegas... oh yes, the 6-mile walk, too... The grand canyon... the golden gate bridge at Sans Fransico, the theme parks - knots berry farm where the Peanuts are, Disneyland and the movie world!

1994: Tasmania, Australia

We got into the Chartered flight by SQ... Hm... with Lay Chin and Ming Woon. That's where we travel across the lsland - Lunceston and Hobart... oh yes... still remember that one of the members in the tour group guessed rightly that we were teachers... because of the 'tell-tale' sign... Lay Chin using the chopstick to point and talk... hahaha...

1993: Medan, Indonesia

...with Shoo Jun, Ting Li, Siow Lin and Ming Woon... Wah! it's a volcano! climbing up the mountains in an old taxi... we were soaked in cold sweat by the time we reached the resort...

1992: Perth, Australia

...with Lay Chin, Ming Woon and Siow Lin... the first time we went beyond ASEAN countries... also the very first time we flew abroad... Yes, Lay Chin celebrated her birthday in the air... we had our Christmas in Perth and Singapore!

1992: Genting Highlands

The very first time to travel out of Singapore... with my friends @ NIE... the day when we finished our very last papers... in the evening, we zoomed our way to Gentings... with more than 10 of us...
One day, somebody asked, "You travelled so often. What are the airlines that you've tried." I've never counted until today...