2007 Dec 7-21: Switzerland + Paris + London

The original plan was Switzerland and Italy. In fact, Chai Noi and myself were very focused when we went to the NATAS fair this September, zoomed in straight to ITALY. Then after inputs from the agents, we decided to expand it to Switzerland... and it was quick, we decided within 2 hours inside the fair and still remember the remaining time, we were chatting outside the exhibition hall! So, exciting... However, because of our "unique" departure and arrival dates, we landed up with Paris and London (to 'substitute' Italy). What? Paris and London again and again? Some people might think I'm crazy... just went London last year... well, well,... that reminded me that I returned to Paris within 12 months after my first trip there... anyway, I don't mind... these 2 cities are lovely... and have good times there :D

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