2010 June 12-18 Tohoku - 日本东北 六月之旅

The phone sounded at 10.05 pm (oh yes... one of the rare nights when I had not met zzzzz monster. Hahaha). "Hey, have you got any travel plans?"

Hahaha... the words sound familiar! No, no, no... "Want to go Japan? ..."
Yes, sure! My immediate answer! But wait!!!! It's Karen - er... backpack? Where do we put up? Hahah... Still remember the Darwin trip when I pulled my 'doggie' with me? Have learnt my lesson!

Now, it's a ritual to check for such clarity and also quite sure not going to put up in tents and spending nights in desert! Memorable experience - but just keep to one so that it's uniquely memorable :P

So, more info from Alice... Indeed, just went last December... ok... it doesn't matter - even though it could be the same place! Hahahah... sounded desperate? Remember: 4 times to London; 3 times to Paris... all within the same area... Hm... Tokyo, the 2nd time :)

Was told of one more 'mysterious' travelling companion... Guess who?! It's Linda! hahah... what a small small world and coincidence!


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