2016 April 29-May 03: iSummit @ Beijing, China 四访北京|三访西山

This is the 3rd time that I visit Beijing in 3 consecutive years, including the solo-leisure trip I made just before the Olympics would be four. Maybe, a more appropriate description would be 三访西山 - which was something I did not anticipate, having the opportunity to re-visit the school three times within such short time-span.

It was an invitation to present a keynote address for its event, iSummit 2016, before educators from overseas and local institutions. While presenting the Digital Citizenship Programme to an international audience is not something new, the platform was unique -   to share our practices with the international audience, in particular, mainly to the Chinese! - to bring our ideas and practices to them. I would image the reach and influence if they were to adopt or adapt some of our practices.

One other breakthrough is the Cyber Wellness workshop presented in Mandarin, that lasted for about 1.5 hours. I survived! Nevertheless, thanks to OCY and Ms Pu who were helping to 'fill in the blanks' when I lost the Chinese translated words. Afterall, not that many words. A pat on my shoulder :)

Certainly, this is not possible without the good relationship we enjoy with Xishan School. Needless to say, I must also thank my old friend, OCY who was supporting and advising the organiser team behind the scene since Day 1.

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