2016 June 10-18: 张家界 - 张开家门引进世界

Having taken a year's break from travelling, this is the first leisure trip made... and it's no other than China, one that I frequented for work in the recent years.

Zhangjiajie 张家界 was not in my list of places to go, say at list in the next decade. Nevertheless, no harm jumping on to it when the opportunity arises. Thanks to CN's recommendation.

Known for its magnificent scenery, Zhangjiajie 张家界 presented a totally different natural scenery - 果然是名不虚传!Its shanshui 山水 picturesque look is a huge contrast to what we see in Europe, Australia and America. No wonder it was the shooting location of Avatar, the movie.

Scenery was the only one thing that I knew before I went. What impressed me most, in fact, after the entire trip was the work by the Chinese, the ancient and modern Chinese! I truly understanding what it's meant by 让人感到震撼的感觉. I was also not aware of its deep-rooted history that dated back to the Three Warring States (三国). I was not aware what was meant by a 山寨 (fortified hill village). I did not expect to have close encounter with the natives of 苗族 and 土族!  苗族 - in fact, it's something that I thought I would hear and see in Chinese drama/ movie, in particular, 苗族 people are known for its 蛊术!

While my stomach reacted to the local food (which this time, I did not take a single picture of the dishes I ate), it's still a good eye-opener, and has made me understand and know China more... While there are still areas of improvements (in particular the local's hygiene habits), the Chinese government has done much to make a remarkable progress over these years.


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