2016 December 03-16: 冬游太阳国

Japan is one of my favourite destinations :) though in the recent years, my travel route has digressed else where.

This trip was 'confirmed' far ahead of time... with the air ticket confirmed more than 6 months head of the departure date. Thank to CN who had been the catalyst to materialising this 'unplanned' trip :)

This is my 5th visit to Japan. It is also one that I had the most number of days there; and making the most number of moves around the country on its public transport. Appreciate CN for initiating the trip and making the transport arrangements such as the Flight and JR Ticket, and being the accommodating room mate. Thanks to TS for her thoughtful and thorough planning and travelling tips that allowed me to venture into new places without the need to do much pre-trip planning. Grateful to JJ's patience and for being a very reliable human GPS (at times, even better than GoogleMap)! Of course, a big thank you to the great company of the Wong and Koh families, too :) 

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