2011 June: Eastern Europe

It's the first one in our "standby", after Italy, which we almost got it! If not because of the 1-day difference, and also... the airline! Haha...The discussion started 2 weeks ago when Chai Noi called... this time, the main constraint comes from me (well, both of us face the same constraint every year), i.e. the "blackout" dates that we could travel. After 'minus-ing' all the meeting dates and holiday programme, mine was narrowed down to 9-19 June! The precious 11 days! I must said we were really really lucky to find a package that fits into this range of date!

Well, I think it's going to be an orientation tour - as it's going to cover several places - Germany (Berlin, Dresden), Czech (Prague, yes! It's going to be my 2nd visit in 2 years!), Poland (Krakow), Hungary (Budapest) and Austria (Vienna). It's going to be exciting, I think, at least need not to put on heavy clothings and we are going to enjoy more daylight, as compared to the previous trips to Europe, which most of them were winter trips.

9-18 June 2011: http://lohky-easterneurope.blogspot.com/

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Lee Chai Noi said...

A good narrative account which easily jolts the memory and experiences of the trip, even after a long long while. Thanks KY.

One day, somebody asked, "You travelled so often. What are the airlines that you've tried." I've never counted until today...