2014 Nov 19-25: SAGE-iSummit @ Beijing

This invite arrived in March and it came as a surprise - to give a keynote at the SAGE-iSummit taking place in Beijing in November. Of course, it's no other than about ICT in teaching and learning. Indeed, it's my deepest appreciation to Principal Shu and OCY, for extending the invite to me. In fact, it's like, after almost 5 years (when Principal Shu first invited me to go to RDFZ XSS to exchange ideas with his teachers), at last, I'm there :) Indeed, I'm also very proud of my good friend's achievement -  Well done, buddy OCY!

The experience was good, though this was one of the most difficult trip - not because the topic was difficult (in fact, it was a breeze to prepare the materials), but was because I was on medication throughout the entire trip and working hard enough to ensure my voice 'returned' before the presentation.

Glad it's over.... and thankful for the experience :)

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