2017 Dec 14-17: Penang 20 years 槟城二十载

The significance of this trip - is to commemorate our 20th year of friendship that kickstarted when all four of us successfully enrolled into the programme under RECSAM for no less than 8 weeks. Yup, I was there for 10 weeks... to look back now, I was there to attend a simple web-design programming course - which I no longer could remember the programming language through I managed to create a simple programme to aid mathematics learning then.

What survived for more than the 10 weeks was the bonding and friendship among the few Singaporeans there (in the course)! There were actually 6 of us altogether, and we spent most of the weekend combing three places - Komtar, Sunshine & Penang Hill. Hahaha....

I would say, all four of us are of different characters - but we got along well as we embraced on each others' strengths, and it was the first time that I really living out there on my own. Thanks to all, I survived that 10 weeks, and looking back, I really enjoyed those times.

To materialise this trip was not easy - we spoke about it, but seriously only started looking at it together seriously these couple of days, in less than 1 week before we aimed to depart! That's stressful, actually. Nevertheless, thanks to technology, we managed to book the tickets and roughly planned out the route to travel. Though it's a short trip, but really there are lots of things to check 'cos we are going by an indirect route!


I just wonder how amazing technology is! Back then 20 years ago, if the internet technology was already so pervasive and came with all the information that I could find within a single day - I wonder how different will we be spending our time in Penang :P

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